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Rebels destroyed more than 2000 Armored Vehicles

April 5 · Issue #84 · View online
MENA Roundup is a weekly publication containing insightful articles on politics in the Middle East, focussing on Syria and Iraq.

  • According to the Pentagon, the two US and British soldiers that were killed by an IED in Manbij last week were part of a special forces operation targeting a senior ISIS member. 
  • At the same time, President Trump made remarks that the US would leave Syria very soon given that the mission would cost too much and achieve too little. Trumps remarks highlight an apparent dispute between the State Department and the Pentagon/military institutions about the US’s Syria strategy. Turkey heats things up by threatening the YPG in Manbij. My cautious forecast: The US will abandon their Kurdish allies sooner or later in favor of good relations with Turkey. The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) will end up in infighting.
  •  However, until such deals are made, the US tries to forestall any swift action that could create new facts on the ground. So US forces established a new base near Manbij that sends a clear message to Turkey: “We’re not intending to leave”.
  • ISIS still controls territory in eastern Syria. And the group is expanding. The jihadists are are now advancing around Abu Kamal, a former stronghold at the Syrian-Iraqi border. 
  • By smashing Eastern Ghouta, the Assad regime has underlined that there will be no mercy for those who reject the so called reconciliation agreements (aka surrender). While Jaysh al-Islam and Russia are still negotiating a deal for the city of Duma, rebels in other enclaves near Damascus and northern Homs are already informed that they will share Ghouta’s fate if they dare to resist. 
  • Turkey has set up its 8th observation post in the Turkmen Mountain area at the border between Idlib and Latakia.
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