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What you need to know about Syria this week

You will probably notice the new design of this week's Roundup: More pictures, more structure and wha
August 10 · Issue #1 · View online
You will probably notice the new design of this week’s Roundup: More pictures, more structure and what I hope is gonna be a more pleasant reading experience. 
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My take
One the one hand, rebels broke the siege on east Aleppo last weekend with their advance from the southwest that opened a 2 km corridor. On the other hand, east Aleppo remains besieged: The corridor is too small and too contested to provide an effective supply route. However, the advance is a huge symbolic victory.
The Syrian governments main supply line to east Aleppo has ben cut as well, putting government-held west Aleppo under siege.
This double-siege might lead to negotiations between the two sides and enable humanitarian aid for more than a million civilians. But that’s not likely. Reports indicate that Hezbollah and Iraqi militias mobilized thousands of fighters to strengthen the troops that were overrun while Russia seems to prepare for even larger operations, perhaps including ground troops.
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Notion of the week
There were speculations that Turkey might limit its support to rebels. Reports and footage don’t suggest that: Heavy weaponry arrived in Aleppo.
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